Ernst Pacher

“And the problem was that we met the same orderlies again [after the war], they were the same as before.”

Born in Wiener Neustadt in 1935. His father, active in the Communist Party, had been unemployed for an extended period and, in 1938, went to Berlin in search of work where he passed away. Since his mother was no longer able to take care of him, she placed him in a Catholic orphanage in Baden when he was four and a half. In 1940 it was taken over by a National Socialist organization. Until summer 1943 in this facility, then back to his mother. In spring 1944, caught waving to an enemy airplane, as a result, transfer to the Child Foster Care Service and subsequently to Spiegelgrund. In April 1945, evacuation resp. escape of the institutionalized children to Bavaria. After the war until 1949 at the Spiegelgrund facility, later on apprenticeship as a locksmith in Mürzzuschlag. Four children.